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About the project

Comparative embryonic stem cell research in mammalians

EU FP7 Marie Curie Actions Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP)
Participant's number: 3
Project number: PIAP-GA-2008-218205
Project website:www.partners.biotalentum.eu
Coordinator: Biotalentum Ltd

The PartnErS project is aimed at creating a mutually beneficial training and transfer of knowledge program between a Hungarian SME and a Danish and a Thai academic institution. The scientific and industrial aim is to generate new comparative information on the generation and maintenance of embryonic stem cells (ESCs) in mouse, pig and human and on their differentiation towards the neural lineage. The PartnErS project links research activities in different mammalian systems, including murine, porcine and human, and in SME and Academia. Training and transfer of knowledge activities are structured to assure the maximum efficiency in developing and exchanging the new standards between industry and academia and to expose the participating researchers to different environments and schools of thoughts. This is expected to be highly beneficial for their individual career development. The project is aimed to have an impact on the European Health sector. The main impact of the project is expected as integrating efforts in stem cell biology and cell therapy between industry and academia for long term collaboration. Furthermore, direct outcome of the project is expected from better stem cell differentiation protocols in mouse, pig, and human, with potential applications in human regenerative medicine and tissue engineering fields and, beyond it, in pharmaceutical industry and agriculture.